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End of an Era Part 2 – History of Prius

History of Prius

Ever since the Prius was released globally in 1997, Toyota has positioned hybrid electric vehicle technology as a core technology for the company, as evidenced by its widespread use across model lines.

An emphasis on the development and production of core components such as motors, inverters, batteries and electronic control units was borne from substantial investment from Toyota Motor Corporation, which has resulted in the smooth, responsive and efficient powertrains that Australians love.

The Prius first launched in Australia with a 1.5-litre hybrid powertrain producing 53kW/115Nm, teamed to a 33kW electric motor.

The second-generation version was launched at the 2003 New York International Auto Show, and by the time the third-generation version was released in 2009, the Prius had accounted for more than 1.2 million deliveries across 80 countries.

In 2012 the Prius family was expanded to include the new Prius C and Prius V, while the fourth-generation version launched in 2016 offered vast improvements in efficiency and driver enjoyment.