It’s in our nature to protect one another.

January 20, 2022

According to RACQ, 1 in 3 drivers will need some sort of roadside assistance to help them. Whether it’s because of a breakdown, a flat battery or flat tyre, or require emergency fuel and or tow.

Would you or your P Plater know what to do if help is needed?

With Toyota Extra Care, you dont need to because at the touch of a button, help will be on its way.

From as little as $89 per year* you can be confident that you are looked after, with:

  • unlimited call outs,
  • 24hr phone assistance,
  • battery replacement,
  • emergency fuel,
  • key replacements,
  • tyre changing, and
  • towing to the nearest Toyota dealership of your choice*.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Toyota Extra Care Roadside Assist, because it’s only natural to want to protect our loved ones.

For more information about Toyota Extra Care or any of our Toyota Insurance products, speak to our team today