New tag requirements for Electric Vehicles (including Hybrid) and Hydrogen Vehicles.

September 6, 2021

Do you own a Toyota Hybrid or Electric Vehicle? If the answer is yes, then keep reading!

QLD Transport & Main Roads have introduced a policy stating that registered owners of hydrogen and electric powered vehicles (including Hybrid petrol vehicles) that were built after 1 January 2019 (or vehicles modified to be hydrogen or electric powered since that date) are now legally required to display specific EV Tag to the front and rear number plates of the vehicle.

Enforcement will start from 1 October 2021, where drivers will have until the 31 December 2021 to attach their tags to their vehicles. Penalties will be awarded to non-compliant owners from 1 January 2022. (source: QLD transport and main roads).

Why this legislation has been introduced.

Electric vehicles pose risks to emergency service workers in certain situations. The tags have been introduced as a safety measure to alert emergency personnel when they are dealing with an electric vehicle so they can discharge the vehicle’s high-voltage power source if required.

What does this mean for my Vehicle?

This means that any electric / hybrid vehicle manufactured after January 1 2019, must have a specific tag attached that meets the QLD Transport guidelines.  EV tag requirements can be found here on the QLD Transport & Main Roads website.

Queensland Transport will also be notifying all registered operators of vehicles affected by the legislative change.

 So how do you get one?

All Hybrid vehicles sold from our dealership from September 2021 will be delivered with a set of EV tags fitted to the licence plate.

Owners who’ve purchased a new or used electric/hybrid vehicle that have been manufactured after January 1 2019, are encouraged to order their tags via the MTAQ website for your vehicle.

Owners with personalised number plates, should contact QLD transport or please visit their website for EV label affixing guidelines.