Are your tyres safe for wet weather?

February 4, 2021

With the FNQ tropical wet officially arriving, this means an end of the summer holidays, and return to the daily travel to school and work. Knowing how to tell if your tyres have enough tyre tread or “grip” is something every driver should know and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Checking how much tread you have is simple. Simply looking at the Tyre Depth Indicators (TDI). These are the small notches moulded into the tyre tread grooves at multiple points. When the tread has worn down to the same level of the TDI, it’s time to replace your tyres.

Why is tyre tread important?

Tyres with deeper treads will provide greater traction in the wet due to the amount of water being pushed out between the grooves. This increases the contact/grip the tyre has on the road. When a tyre’s tread is worn out the surface becomes flat, limiting the amount of water that can be pushed away and reduces tyre grip. This loss of traction can result in loss of steering, breaking and power control.

To get the most out of your tyres,

  1. Ensure your tyre pressure is accurate for your type of driving/ vehicle.
  2. Check the wear on the outer edge and have your tyres rotated regularly. We offer this with every scheduled vehicle maintenance.
  3. Book in for a wheel alignment if the tyres are wearing unevenly, you have hit large potholes or kerbs (particularly if the position of the steering wheel spokes has changed as a result), the steering pulls to one side, after steering or suspension repairs, and especially when tyres are replaced. (as recommended by RACQ)
  4. As soon as the tread has worn down to the TDI, replace the tyre.

If you’re in need of some replacement tyres, vehicle care products or simply need expert advice, come and speak to your Toyota Tyre Specialists. We have a wide supply of tyres for passenger, commercial and 4×4 off road needs as well as aftercare products and wheel alignment services.

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