Vehicle Maintenance – Ontime Servicing

October 16, 2020

A common question from guests is why they should book their vehicle ontime servicing when they have not done the KMs?

We understand that in the current climate we are not driving long distances, and the KM’s are simply not stacking up. However, we are still driving and in many cases were driving shorter distances, but more frequently.

This short, start-stop driving style is one of the harshest forms of driving due to the impact it has on your vehicle’s engine.  Since the engine rarely reaches its optimal operating temperature for any significant length of time, it cannot burn off the unwanted by-products of combustion. This can cause a build-up and effect the vehicle performance and efficiency.

Servicing your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations not only ensures the safety of your family and other road users but prevents premature engine wear and possible vehicle failures. Regular services also ensure that other parts in your vehicle are not being overlooked, such as engine oil, dirty air/ fuel filters, tyre pressures and your wheel alignment.

So, before you hit the road, ensure that your vehicle is ready,  Book Online or give our service centers a call.