Should you sell your vehicle privately?

October 16, 2020

Many guest tell us that they would prefer to sell their vehicle privately, because the expected trade value is lower than similar vehicles on car sales.

But sometimes selling your vehicle privately can end up costing you more.

It might seem that you would be better off selling privately, however selling a vehicle takes time and a lot of effort.

We have put together a list of some considerations to be made

  • You will need a Roadworthy Certificate, which could lead to repairs.
  • Still owe money on the vehicle, i.e. to the financer or bank loan? If the answer is yes, you will need to have this paid before you can transfer ownership.
  • If your registration is almost due, you will also be up for the cost of renewing.
  • Ensuring that your vehicle is clean and looks the part.
  • Organise photos, and possibly even a walk-around video for advertising. After all, you will want it to stand out from the crowd online!
  • You will also need to consider the risk involved with advertising and work out how you will manage this? i.e. actively giving out your personal information to potential scammers or thieves.
  • Finally, once you do get a genuine buyer, you need to organise transfer of ownership with the transport department, and ensure you get payment prior to handing over the keys.

When you deal directly with a reputable family business like John Cole Toyota, none of the above will be an issue because you are dealing with a company that follows government standards and rules. With us, you are protected by law and know that we will not be messing you around.

If you are interested in selling your vehicle, come and speak with one of our friendly Sales Consultants first. They will carry out a free vehicle evaluation and provide you with a trade in price, with no strings attached. It’s that easy!